At what age do car insurance rates go down?

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Many people often wonder at what age do their car insurance rates go down? This is a great question but kind of difficult to answer. Below is a response posted on Yahoo Answers.

I’ve heard that car insurance favors certain age groups, whereas the unfavored age group is charged more for car insurance premiums. Such is the case for teenage drivers. What is the exact “teenage risk age group” for the purposes of car insurance in New York?

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Here is the response given

The answer to your question will depend on the insurance company but this is pretty much how the rates are structured with most carriers

16 to 21 Highest drivers
21 to 25 Next highest but there is usually anywhere from a 10 to 30% drop from prior group
25 to 35 Here you will save another 10 %
35 to 60 These are the best rates (even better if married). People are usually most responsible at this age.
60 to 70 Depending on the company your rates start going back up as you get older ( eye site & reaction times get worse) = more accidents

This is not an absolute answer more of a general guideline that most companies use. Your insurance company might use a different bracket.

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