Do grandparents have a right to see school records of grandson 18 that is living with them?

My grandson, 18 & senior in high school is living with us. He pays no rent and we provide food, clothing and a vehicle to drive, we pay auto insurance for him. Can we see his school records (report cards, progress reports) and contact teachers to ask about his progress, grades, etc.? He has signed an age of consent form at school and when I called a teacher to ask about his grades she said she couldn't talk to me without his permission. He will not give me permission. Is there any way to check up on him at school?

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  1. Kathy says:

    no clue hun i have never heard of that

  2. Jet says:

    That’s a tough one, I’d go see the principle and see what he says, all school districts are different. You can however tell him that if you can’t make sure he’s doing what needs to be done for him to graduate ( keeping grades up, etc.) that you will make him get a job and pay his own way, clothes, insurance and car. I realize it’s blackmail but he shouldn’t have a problem with you checking if he’s doing what he needs to do.

  3. Dyan says:

    If you are providing a home for him, you should have the right to know about his school records. Ask him why he refuses to give you permission. You need to tell him that if you have no rights to know how he is doing in school, then he is old enough to get out, find a job, provide his own food, clothing, vehicle and insurance.
    Grandparents, he has got it made. You have no idea what is going on with him. I would advise you to do something. It sounds like he is hiding something.

  4. ♥ Sarah Bear ♥ says:

    I believe that the only way is if you are the Legal guardian. If he’s 18 then not really, but I’m sure you can go to the school and get the records if your his legal guardian.

    I think it’s a little disrespectful of him not to show you the information when you are giving him so much. I would give him a choice, show you the grades or pay for the car and the insurance and the food, rent etc. He wants to be an adult then he should be treated like an adult. :)

    Good luck.

  5. NyteWing says:

    If your grandson signed an age of consent form then the answer is no. If you are his legal guardian then you should be able to. He’s an adult now. He should start paying his way. Unless you don’t want him to do this.

    However, if you want an idea on how to get him to show you could start taking away some of the privileges that you have given him like the vehicle he is driving. Make him pay you rent OR pay his own auto insurance etc. If he is acting like an adult then it is time for you to start treating him as such.

  6. u_everyone_k says:

    yes they do have every right my grand parents use to check mine even they do not live with me i just love them

  7. Cybele says:

    The whole point of signing an age of consent form is so that parents and guardians can’t check up on him. I don’t think that he’ll budge and there is nothing you can legally do because he’s an adult. I did the same when I was 18 because I didn’t want my parents butting into my business. They never did, or really wanted to but I liked the feeling that I controlled my own education and decisions.

  8. Mr B says:

    The biggest problem I see is not in finding out his grades, but getting permission from him to see the grades. I think you need to work on your relationship with your grandson. Otherwise when he is 19 and you have cut him off you both will never talk again and that is more important than grades.

  9. d3midway semi-retired says:

    If he signed an age of consent the teacher is correct. You could talk to the ones in charge maybe they will tell you something since he does live with you but they really are not suppose to. He should be willing to tell you since you do so much for him. If he wants to be treated like an adult then he should act like one and talk to you about things. You do love him take care of him and pay for everything for him. He needs to grow up and act like an adult. Tell him if he wants to be an adult and take charge of his life he needs to be responsiable. Then present him will a bill for his car, insurance, clothes etc… and see what he says. Good luck!!!

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