New Boxee Box on Amazon

boxxe 300x300 New Boxee Box on Amazon

new boxxee box

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Its here the new #boxee box is here and I cant wait to get it. Here is a copy of the email that I got. I know this isnt about insurance but this box is just so cool. Its going to be time to get rid of the cable bill

D-Link has signed up Amazon and Best Buy as exclusive pre-order partners for the Boxee Box. As of this morning these sites are accepting pre-orders. People who pre-order through Amazon in the US will receive their Boxee Box before it goes on sale anywhere else.

boxee2 New Boxee Box on Amazon

Check out the Sexy Behind on Boxee

If you’re still deciding between running Boxee on your computer and getting a Boxee Box, here’s a few things to consider:

* it will have access to more HD content than its PC cousin

* no need for keyboard/mouse in the living room or running a 10ft cable to connect your laptop
* it’s beautiful, though a bit pointy in parts : )

remote 300x300 New Boxee Box on Amazon

Boxee Remote

We get it – you want to the freedom to watch whatever you want on your TV: Movies, TV Shows, Sports, but also any other video that is available online. You want to do it without having to connect a computer to your TV or use a keyboard and mouse. We’re all over it. The Boxee Box by D-Link: watch, organize, share – you are now in full command of your TV for the first time. No rules, no contracts.

On Demand TV
Thousands of shows available for free from your favorite networks, ready to watch any time

Huge Movie Library
Enjoy free movies from the web & watch new releases in stunning HD from premium movie services

tv New Boxee Box on Amazon Play Your Stuff Too
Access videos, songs, or pictures from your computer or home network

popcorn New Boxee Box on Amazon See What Your Friends are Watching
Follow what your Facebook and Twitter friends are watching, and share your favorites too

money New Boxee Box on Amazon Give Your Wallet a Break
Get tons of free entertainment from the Internet with no monthly fee

hd New Boxee Box on Amazon The Holy Grail of Resolution
Experience the thrill of 1080p – that’s more than twice the resolution of 720p


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