Should i go to college and stay focus on my career and future or Don't go and help my mom with money working?

Meaning that I have a lot of stuff going on for me,Life is going good,with money for myself support myself really well and saving up for school and about to start college soon…but my mom does not want me to go to college,she telling me not to go and help her with her Bills and Auto insurance and telling i suppose to be the Son and help her out with her large Debt that she put on herself.

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  1. Narnia33 says:

    Go to college. With a degree you can make more, so that you can help out your mom more – if you should choose to do so.

  2. HollyL82 says:

    You have to go to college. With a college degree you will make a ton more money and will be able to help your mom even more if you choose to. Its really not fair of her to expect you to sacrifice your future for her past mistakes. Tell her that this is just something that you need to do, and as much as you’d like to help her now, you will be able to help her even more later. Good luck!

  3. ♥ FairLady ♥ says:

    Go to college. You can achieve a lot more, find more payable job and help your mom much better.

    I don’t understand why your mom does not get it. It’s a little selfish of her.

  4. wensing99 says:

    go to collage get lots of money and then help her

  5. rhoffing103 says:

    If you don’t go to college you will regret it. Maybe you can work a part time job and give your mom some of the money you make. Its not your responsibility to pay for your moms debt, especially if it means ruining your career. Your an adult, it’s your decision and your life.

  6. The Answers of Life says:

    It is your choice of what you feel is right to do. But I say you go to college, and get a degree, even though it will take you a while to earn up the money spent in college for all that education, you will eventually earn more money (2x or even more) that you would have if you didn’t go to college. Plus, if you don’t go now, it will be harder to go later.

    So, go make your momma proud!

  7. Annegelica says:

    Go to collage dont ruin your life too.

  8. kim h says:

    You need to go to college. She can take care of herself. Do not let her hold you back and guilt you into it. Being a son does not mean cleaning up her messes.

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