What Can You Keep In Your Pocket When It Comes To Spending Money On Car Insurance? Plenty!

The law in most states require car insurance. Yes, right we all know that. So what do we do… we get the car insurance, of course so we can drive around and have some fun, etc. However, some of us are better at getting that great rate with an excellent car insurance company that others. What’s that you say? How so?

It’s not exactly fun for most of us, but getting the best rates with an excellent car insurance company that can and will perform for us is a bit of a chore. It takes a bit of time and effort. Some people will do exactly that while others can’t be bothered. That’s a mistake and it can cost you thousands of dollars year after year. Getting it right has it’s price!

We do have a choice of who we use for our car insurance, so lets not be sloppy or lazy about our choices. We all know it’s expensive to have car insurance, so why not get it right? If we shop around we can find the best car insurance company with the best rates to fit our needs.

Online has made this “job” of shopping around a ton easier than it is to pick up the phone and calling the top ten auto insurance providers and chatting with each one. Oh yeah, the internet is a hugh help when it comes to shopping around. You can get a free automobile insurance quote that offers comparison rates with other competitive companies. At times up to three or more comparison rates with one free online car insurance quote. This helps tremendously when it comes to saving time and helps in making some of these cost effective decisions easier.

Do not simply go with the lowest rate until you have investigated the car insurance company. You need to know they have a good track record with their policy holders. They should be willing to tell you about how long their company has been around, how many policy holders they have and how deep are their pockets financially speaking to be in a position to pay you on any claim you submit to them.

Keep in mind the car insurance companies are looking at YOU and “your driving record” when they offer those rates. Never forget the car insurance companies are studying statistics constantly in order to provide you with competitive rates AND keep their risks to a minimum.

Here are a few tips that you should be familiar with when shopping around for your best car insurance rates:

1. If your married you will always get the lower rates, especially if you are a male and young, if your driving records are good and there are not unusual circumstances involving your on road performance.

2. If your under 25 years of age you will pay more. Statistics have shown that young drivers do not perform as well on the road as persons over the age of 25. Young males again are a target for “high risk” performance.

3. Taking a driver’s safety course always provides a discount under normal circumstances with you driving record.

4. Keep your points down on your driving record. Speeding and other on-road hazards can lead to tickets and points on your driving record. When this happens your rates go up! This is a major factor in high rates quoted by the car insurance companies.

Note: If your parents have a nice plan, you may want to “seek cover” by joining them on their policy. Sometimes, it may even be necessary to have your vehicle in their name and then they can add you on their policy as one of the drivers of the family vehicles. This is all perfectly legal and may save you a small fortune if you’ve had some trouble with points, etc.

5. If you have a long commute or drive a ton, your rates will reflect that, since there is amply time for accidents to occur while your on the road. Can you reduce those miles by carpooling or ride-sharing? If so, you can reduce your rates. Let miles on the road equals lower rates.

6. Is your vehicle one that is so popular that it gets stolen or car-jacked more often than other makes and brands? This will always drive your automobile insurance rates up. Maybe it’s time to pick a “safer” auto.

7. Are you planning to buy a new car? Check out the cars that are considered “safe” and you can save if you can live with that list and buy one of those auto’s. The auto insurance companies spend a good deal of time looking into which cars are getting into trouble vs auto’s that aren’t. It’s a big factor with the car insurance companies and they do not like to take on that risk factor with sports and other “dangerous” cars.

8. Can you live with the idea of purchasing a nice “safe” used car? You will pay much less with a vehicle such as that… older. There are some wonderful deals and fabulously loaded with leather, premium sound systems ,etc. that are beautiful “used cars”. It can save you a ton just by owning the “older” “Mercedes Benz” type of car.

9. Consider carrying a high deductible. You will save a great deal on your insurance premiums with a high deductible on your car. Remember, you pay the premiums EVERY month, quarter or year. You may NEVER or rarely have an accident or theft of your auto. If you do not have a claim you will NEVER pay the deductible.

10. If you have more than one policy with your insurance company you will always get a discount. It’s this new and popular offer going on with all the insurance companies. They are looking for more business and if you are willing to give it to them, then bingo you will get discount. So, if you can manage to add your vehicle to your existing homeowners policy or vice versa, you can save.

Always read or have your agent explain to you the fine print and long laundry list of items in your policy to provide you with the coverage you truly need. Sometimes you may be doubling up on coverage you already have with another company, such as medical coverage and will not need to pay twice for the same protection. Know what you’ve just paid for and that you really need it.

It’s NICE to know we have done our “homework” and found “financial security” and “peace of mind” when we have laid our hard-earned money down for our car insurance AND have obtained the best rates with the full protection offered by an excellent car insurance company that will be there when we need them.

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